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List of Alt Codes for entering Mathematical Symbols

ALT Codes for Mathematical Symbols
Alt Code Symbol Description
Alt 48 - 57 0 - 9 zero to nine
Alt Codes for Basic Operators
Alt Code Symbol Description
Alt 43 + Plus Sign
Alt 45 - Minus Sign
Alt 0215 × Multiplication Sign
Alt 0247 ÷ Obelus / Division ign
Alt Codes for Pers
Alt Code Symbol Description
Alt 37 % Percentage Sign
Alt 0137 Per mille (per thousand)
Alt Codes for Bracketing
Alt Code Symbol Description
Alt 40 ( Open Bracket
Alt 41 ) Close Bracked
Alt Codes for Degree of Accuracy
Alt Code Symbol Description
Alt 241 ± Plus or Minus
Alt Codes for Fractions
Alt Code Symbol Description
Alt 47 / Fraction seperator
Alt 0188 ¼ Quarter
Alt 0189 ½ Half
Alt 0190 ¾ Three quarters
Alt 46 . Decimal Point
Alt Codes for Equality
Alt Code Symbol Description
Alt 240 Exactly Identical
Alt 61 = Equals
Alt 247 Approximately equal
Alt Codes for Inequality
Alt Code Symbol Description
Alt 60 < Less Than
Alt 62 > Greater Than
Alt 242 Greater than or equal
Alt 243 Less than or equal
Alt Codes for Powers
Alt Code Symbol Description
Alt 251 Square Root
Alt 252 Power n
Alt 0185 ¹ To the power of 1
Alt 0178 ² squared
Alt 0179 ³ cubed
Angles and Trigonometric Alt Codes
Alt Code Symbol Description
Alt 227 π Pi
Alt 248 ° Degree sign
See also Greek Alphabet Alt Codes
General Mathematical Symbols
Alt Code Symbol Description
Alt 35 # Number
Alt 236 Infinity
Alt 230 µ Micro
Alt 228 Σ Sum
Alt 239 Suggest definition
Integration / Integral Sign
Alt Code Symbol Description
Alt 244 Top half
Alt 245 Bottom Half



All the maths codes are very important.very nice website for the students who want to learn the maths. i want to asked you that is there any formula for the trigonometric.

Thank you for these codes
I am writing a site for my son and they are very useful

Want a 'does not equals' sign? Put a slash in between two equals signs, like so.


Hope this is helpful.

Is there no shortcut for the not = sign?

How can i write summesion ?

it doesn't work on my keyboard why ??

amazing very informative
perfect list
thanks for sharing.

Yah, you are right. I love it very much. Thanks.

is there a ratio sign?


I liked your series of articles.
It even helped me to solve my Vedic Maths system problems.

You've got the wrong code for minus. 45 is a hyphen, not a true minus sign. It's too short, plus in some fonts it can be on an angle (which clearly a minus sign shouldn't be).

The true minus sign is alt+0150

hyphen: -
minus sign: –


mathematical codes in one single blog, thanks dude for sharing this wonderful post.

Correction to my comment above: It's not alt-150, which is an en-dash. It's unicode 2212, which I don't think is accessible with the Windows alt-keypad trick. So if you want a true minus, just copy and paste from here:

If these dont work, just go to your Start menu, click RUN , type in charmap, and click OK and you can get all the codes, and you can copy&Paste them :D
Btw, this isnt a trick =.= is super, bookmarked!

Good Job..:)

Well, many of you can't seem to get the codes to work. I have a little tip for you.

Copy-Paste still works it's magic on Alt symbols. is interesting !!

Thank you for always providing great content
and a good community!

Hey There. I found your blog using msn. This is a really well written article. I’ll make sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of your useful info. Thanks for the post. I will definitely comeback.

these codes are wrong!!! alt 246 is the division symbol. please do not post incorret information people are searching for it because they really do need to know this information

Thank You

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this a good list ...
thank you for sharing !!!

alt 65- 90 a-z

this a good list ...
thank you for sharing !!!

Are there any other fractions? 2/3, 7/8 etc.

I found the fraction shortcuts very useful. I have to do a lot of reports and this makes them easier to read. I wish I had know about them a long time ago.

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Alt-236 = ý for me not infinity, even in Arial Unicode MS.

Nice post about ALT Codes - Alt Codes for Maths / Mathematics. I am very impressed with the time and effort you have put into writing this story. I will give you a link on my social media blog. All the best!

I think this blog is very nice and informative, thanks for posting here

the alt 236 is not working for me either. Did somebody find a new key that would do it?

Thankyou very much

Is there a way to do the nth power of a radical. Like the 4th root? (4)√xy . That is how I am doing it now but I wonder if there is a code to doing it correctly?

Is there an Alt Code for the symbol that represents the mathematical relation "is an element of"?

Thanks in advance.

how do you do the power of 4,5,6,7,8,9,10, etc? i'd want to know because i need it for my math class.:--) thank you! please reply asap

For powers I generally utilize the superscript option for the particular font I use in the document.

nice code, hope use fine, thanks men

This page is great!! Thanks a lot.

Great bookmark for my phone!

awesome;thanks (:

Very helpful resource. I’m a new reader on your blog, I just want to let you know that I really appreciate the information that you share here about WP. Keep up the good work.

That list of ALT codes is dependent on the particular code page that the computer is using. Code page 850 is common in the U.S.A.; code page 437 is common in the U.K. The code pages are not the same. ALT 185 and ALT 179 being two examples.

You should mention this code page dependence prior to that list - and tell everyone what code page it refers to.

I need to type math symbols frequently enough to want to use ALT codes, but not frequently enough to memorize them, so I like the idea of your reference page, but it doesn't seem to quite be correct.

ALT+240 gives me what charmap calls a 'Latin eth' and ALT+246 gives me an obelus.

Alt codes ☺

Awesome post .Very easy step by step guidelines on the codes.thank you!!

Thank you for this helpful site! MR

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