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List of Alt Codes for entering Greek Letters

ALT Codes for Greek Letters
Alt Code Symbol Description
Alt 224 α Alpha
Alt 225 ß Beta
Alt 226 Γ Gamma
Alt 235 δ Delta
Alt 238 ε Epsilon
Alt 233 Θ Theta
Alt 227 π Pi
Alt 230 µ Mu
Alt 228 Σ Uppercase Sigma
Alt 229 σ Lowercase sigma
Alt 231 τ Tau
Alt 232 Φ Uppercase Phi
Alt 237 φ Lowercase Phi
Alt 234 Ω Omega



Delta is on this list...

Capital Delta is Alt+30 (▲).

they have lowercase delta on there "δ"

It sure is. It's δ. And it's in the list.

Delta's in the list. I was wondering about getting capital delta - and for some reason when I typed alt-235 and then space, the lower-case delta changed into a capital one.

Very helpful indeed. I love Greek.

hahaha this is awesome

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Some of the Greek alt codes produce the wrong symbol. Eg,
alt 227 produces Ò
alt 237 produces Ý
alt 234 produces Û

Some other useful codes:
Alt + 1001 = Θ
Alt + 1002 = Ω
Alt + 1003 = δ
Alt + 1004 = ∞
Alt + 1005 = φ
Alt + 1006 = ε
Alt + 1007 = ∩
Alt + 1008 = ↑
Alt + 1009 = ↓
Alt + 1010 = ≥

These are dependent on your SYSTEM LOCALE. Change your system locale to the US for these to work.

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Depends on Computer? imo..

you using MacOs? this is for windows

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I have the exact same problem, as I get those exact same results as you. It seems to be related to the code page installed by windows. In other words, all these code page tricks only work on a specific code page, which is not specified here and that apparently cannot be easily changed.

if its wrong just copy and paste ☻

Just great!=)

The reason for the "wrong symbol" is the windows platform you are using (possibly Windows 7)

The codes I listed work with Windows XP.

I, myself, cannot find the codes for Windows 7. I have no problem with the regular Greek characters, but if I want to print a special character, say the letter omega with an iota subscript (ῳ) I don't know how to do it using Windows 7. With Windows XP, I simply used Alt 8179.

Windows 7
ASCII for signs 1-255
Unicode for the rest;
945 α alfa
946 β beta β
947 γ gamma
948 δ deltat
949 ε epsilon
950 ζ zeta
951 η eta
952 θ theta
953 ι dugg
954 κ Kappa
955 λ lambda λ
956 μ mu
957 ν nu
958 ξ xi
959 ο Omicron
960 π pi
961 ρ rho
962 ς sigma (slutet av ordet)
963 σ sigma (någon annanstans)
964 τ tau
965 υ Upsilon
966 φ phi
967 χ chi
968 ψ psi
969 ω omega

Hi there.

It looks like you've left out Lamda.

I have never ever come across such a wonderful piece of information. Today I am proud to say that I have finally gain knowledge on this topic.

Why haven't you inluded all upper & lowercase greek characters? You've got lower case epsilon but upper case gamma.

Tony, these characters are defined in your operating system and font set, not by the folks at Useful Shortcuts.

I agree with the old geek, so sorry greek mathematicians. They are all geniuses and i mean all of them!

The greek letter LAMDA (lower & Upper case) is missing in the given list ... How to type them ???
Thanks for the appropiate answer.

There should be 48 Alt equivalents, for both the lower case and upper case 24 Greek characters. Can you send the missing ones to me ?

Lowercase delta is perhaps the most surprising character missing here.

Lowercase delta has a very basic use in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and virtually every branch of science.

227 = π
0227 = ã
002277 = å

Pi only appears as n.. any other code?

i visited ur site for the first n i found it very beautiful n interesting,u presented ur blog very simple .

lower case delta δ is ALT-235 but many of the greek letters do not have an ALT code. I have looked often for the upper case delta, but alas we have to go to the symbol font to get it.

OneNote apparently doesn't work with all of these alt codes.
In Microsoft OneNote (2010), when you go to the insert symbol window, it shows you a base 16 number in a text box labeled Character Code. To find the oneNote alt code for a symbol, convert the base 16 number to base 10 (first digit * 16^3 + second digit * 16^2 + third digit * 16 + last digit where A=10, B=11, C=12, and so on), and that's your alt code. Thus pi with character code 03C0 has an alt code of 0 * 16^3 + 3 * 16^2 + 11 (C) * 16 + 0 which equals 960 when plugged into a calculator. Thus pi's alt code is 960 in oneNote (2010).

Doesn't work for me :-(

I agree with the old geek, so sorry greek mathematicians. They are all geniuses and i mean all of them!
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i dont get it because 227 makes Ò for me :(

Here are the lower case letters:
945 α alpha
946 β beta
947 γ gamma
948 δ delta
949 ε epsilon
950 ζ zeta
951 η eta
952 θ theta
953 ι iota
954 κ kappa
955 λ lamda
956 μ mu
957 ν nu
958 ξ xi
959 ο omicron
960 π pi
961 ρ rho
962 ς sigma (end of word)
963 σ sigma (elsewhere)
964 τ tau
965 υ upsilon
966 φ phi
967 χ chi
968 ψ psi
969 ω omega

Mathematics = fascinating.

To locate ALT codes on a Windows Vista system try:

On Windows Keyboards hold down the Windows key (located between Ctrl and Alt keys) and push the 'R' to initiate a Run dialog window. Enter 'charmap' (without the quotes)

Alternatively you can enter:

Start|All Programs|Accessories|System Tools|Character Map

It all gets you to the same place.
Select the font that you are using then
Select the character you desire. You can copy and paste the character or you can enter the alt code:

Where U+ means hold down the Alt key while you enter the 3 or 4 digit number nnnn

Have fun!!!

Really usefull.
But how do you do for the codes with a letter ?

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lambda cannot be typed in the internet and notepad
its just ALT 955
if you type it on in internet it becomes ╗ or »
for word just type 3BB and then ALT+X

I have noticed that some of the codes change according to the font that is being used. And, yes, some symbols simply are not available with some fonts. That is unfortunate. You might search the character map for the specific font about which you are speaking to see if a different ALT code is assigned to your symbol.

What I'm looking for is the codes for Windows 7 in order to get characters such as this:

ἀ ἁ ἐ ἑ ἰ ἱ ὀ ὁ ᾳ ᾀ ᾁ

I have them for Windows XP, but do they exist for Windows 7?

Α913 ΒΓΔΕΖΗΘΙΚΛΜΝΞΟΠΡ΢ΣΤΥΦΧΨΩ937 945αβγδεζηθικλμνξοπρςστυφχψω969

I guess there are people here who use Greek letters fairly often, and I wondered if there was any place where I could get a complete list of Alt codes of four digits for the Greek letters. Specifically the need for the lowercase "n" (ie, which looks like a "v") and the same letter, except with a bar over it, for symbols of neutrinos and antineutrinos respectively.

If you could point me in the right direction (or simply tell me Alt codes), that would be great!

PS I have a QWERTY keyboard, if that makes a difference.

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1024Ѐ Ё1025 Ђ1026 Ѓ1027 Є1028 Ѕ1029 І1030 Ї1031 Ј1032 Љ1033 Њ1034 Ћ1035 Ќ1036 Ѝ1037 Ў1038 Џ1039

1040А Б1041 В1042 Г1043 Д1044 Е1045 Ж1046 З1047 И1048 Й1049 К1050 Л1051 М1052 Н1053 О1054 П1055 Р1056 С1057 Т1058 У1059 Ф1060 Х1061 Ц1062 Ч1063 Ш1064 Щ1065 Ъ1066 Ы1067 Ь1068 Э1069 Ю1070 Я1071

а1072 б1073 в1074 г1075 д1076 е1077 ж1078 з1079 и1080 й1081 к1082 л1083 м1084 н1085 о1086 п1087 р1088 с1089 т1090 у1091 ф1092 х1093 ц1094 ч1095 ш1096 щ1097 ъ1098 ы1099 ь1100 э1101 ю1102 я1103

ѐ1104 1105ё ђ1106 ѓ1107 є1108 ѕ1109 і1110 ї1111 ј1112 љ1113 њ1114 ћ1115 ќ1116 ѝ1117 ў1118 џ1119

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