Hidden icons for Google Talk

"Emoticons" is a word created from the combination of the words emotion and icon. They are smiley face type icons that express emotions.

These are graphic icons that you can use in Google Talk (also known as GTalk) or the Google chat function of Google mail by entering a keyboard shortcut combination.

Some of these keyboard shortcuts will work in other instant messaging programs like Gtalk, Microsoft's MSN Messenger program, Skype, Yahoo Messenger and other instant messaging software by entering a keyboard shortcut combination, often the shortcut is the same in the various messaging applications and many are based on combinations used in e-mail and sms messaging before graphics were available and can still be used for that purpose.

Classic Round Square Type this Description
rock out rock out rock out \m/ Rock out!
monkey monkey monkey :(|) Monkey
Cowbell Cowbell Cowbell +/’\ Cowbell
Crab Crab Crab V.v.V Crab
Devil Devil Devil }:-) Devil
Equal sad Equal sad Equal sad =( Frowning Sad Face
Equal slant Equal slant Equal slant =/ Slant

Equal tongue Equal tongue Equal tongue =P Tongue
Nose sad Nose sad Nose sad :-( Sad
Smile Smile Smile :) Random Smiley
Wince Wince Wince >.< Wince
Nose tongue Nose tongue Nose tongue :-P Tongue with Nose
Pig Pig Pig :(:) Pig
Broken Heart Broken Heart Broken Heart </3 Broken heart
Kiss Kiss Kiss :-x Kiss
Kiss Kiss Kiss :* A kiss with a Star
Mustache Mustache Mustache :{ Mustache



Thanks you guys.....
These smiley's are really cool.!! :-)

This is SOOOOOOO cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

great stuff. i have always thought about google talk that has too few emoticons.

theres one more= :(|) it means a monkey!

Very cooooooooooool.......
Thank you dude.
Are there some more emotions???

great blog..
thanks for sharing the information....
excellent blog information presented..
thank you...

You forgot poo.
~@~ = poo

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awesome, thanks dude <3

oh that is cool man i usually use the :P & :D

amazing emotions especially the square ones

This list is great for my mom. She loves putting emoticons in every email she types. I laugh at all of her messages because I have a program on my pc that reads my emails out loud to me, and when it gets to an emoticon it says the actual punctuation marks and letters she used. It is so funny. I laughed so hard at one email she sent me that my headphones actually fell off my head! I'll email her this list. I know she is going to love the "monkey" emoticon.

nice list thanks for the share :)

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~@~ makes poop

I love using the little smiley guys. :)

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