ALT Codes for Foreign Language Letters with Accents

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List of Alt Codes for entering characters with accents

ALT Codes for letters with accents
Uppercase Lowercase
Alt Codes Symbol Description Alt Codes Symbol Description
Alt 0192 À A grave Alt 0224 à a grave
Alt 0193 Á A acute Alt 0225 á a acute
Alt 0194 Â A circumflex Alt 0226 â a circumflex
Alt 0195 Ã A tilde Alt 0227 ã a tilde
Alt 0196 Ä A umlaut Alt 0228 ä a umlaut
Alt 0199 Ç C cedilla Alt 0231 ç c cedilla
Alt 0200 È E grave Alt 0232 è e grave
Alt 0201 É E acute Alt 0233 é e acute
Alt 0202 Ê E circumflex Alt 0234 ê e circumflex
Alt 0203 Ë E umlaut Alt 0235 ë e umlaut
Alt 0204 Ì I grave Alt 0236 ì i grave
Alt 0205 Í I acute Alt 0237 í i acute
Alt 0206 Î I circumflex Alt 0238 î i circumflex
Alt 0207 Ï I umlaut Alt 0239 ï i umlaut
Alt 165 Ñ N tilde Alt 164 ñ n tilde
Alt 0210 Ò O grave Alt 0242 ò o grave
Alt 0211 Ó O acute Alt 0243 ó o acute
Alt 0212 Ô O circumflex Alt 0244 ô o circumflex
Alt 0213 Õ O tilde Alt 0245 õ o tilde
Alt 0214 Ö O umlaut Alt 0246 ö o umlaut
Alt 0138 Š S caron Alt 0154 š s caron
Alt 0218 Ú U acute Alt 0249 ù u grave
Alt 0219 Û U circumflex Alt 0250 ú u acute
Alt 0220 Ü U umlaut Alt 0251 û u circumflex
Alt 0217 Ù U grave Alt 0252 ü u umlaut
Alt 0221 Ý Y acute Alt 0253 ý y acute
Alt 0159 Ÿ Y umlaut Alt 0255 ÿ y umlaut
Alt 0142 Ž Z caron Alt 0158 ž z caron



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This alt codes table is great, because I had a Sql Sort which sorted differently to vba when using a comparison operator mainly because of how umlauts etc were handled. I solved the problem by writing a replace function within the sort routine to substitue o for ö etc.

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try with an word editor... insert symbols

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The list of letters with 'accents' does not include special letter accents for the Polish language such as the "e", "a", with subscript or tail under the letter, similar to a 'cedillia' under a "c" but not the same.
Is there a separate Alt code list for the Polish letters?

These are the codes for Word (they do not work in Notepad):
Ą alt+260, ą alt+261, Ć alt+262, ć alt+263, Ę alt+280, ę alt+281, Ł alt+321, ł alt+322, Ń alt+323, ń alt+324, Ó alt+0211, ó alt+162, Ś alt+346, ś alt+347, Ź alt+377, ź alt+378, Ż alt+379, ż alt+380

Who has codes for Romanian, Hungarian, Croatian, Czech, Slovak, Lithuanian, Latvian, Maltese- could they post the codes online? Thanks
In general, (for Word) assign keyboard shortcuts (insert symbol); for internet (email, etc) it seems hit and miss whether your recipient can display your characters. Does anyone know how to ensure the person you are sending mail can read (no boxes, etc.)

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Thank you so much for providing this list. We have French, Spanish and German speakers here and we all needed the list for our accents, going crazy changing keyboards - easier in the end to have the alt codes.

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What about the o with the little house?

it already there alt0244

I am looking for a code for an R-Caron as in Dvorák's name. Can you help?

how to write the simbol: 'bigger than'? ALT+?

It's called "greater than," and its on the bottom right side of your keyboard, genius.

It's called "greater than," and its on the bottom right side of your keyboard, genius.

The video by Wesley was fantastic. Thank you so much. Do you know how I can get the control keys at all.

Thank you so much


Do you really think that most of these shortcuts will still work? I don't think so...

where's the eszett?

ALT 225


Alt 0223

No 'please'? Alt + 0223

How can Alt Code be used on a laptop with no numeric keypad?

yes. hold "FN" key with the "ALT" and use the numbers with m,j,k,l,u,i,o,7,8,9 for the Alt code numbers.

you can use the numbers on the top of the whole keypad.

I need to write in Swedish, how can I write the swedish alphabet???

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Can you do ALT codes on a laptop? Because im not sure :P
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What was the point of this?

Is it possible to do the long dash over a letter that indicates a long vowel sound?

Could never get gmail to accept alt 137 which equals your alt 0235. ë. I see that gmail accepts yours! Thanks!


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