ALT Codes for Foreign Language Letters with Accents

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List of Alt Codes for entering characters with accents

ALT Codes for letters with accents
Uppercase Lowercase
Alt Codes Symbol Description Alt Codes Symbol Description
Alt 0192 À A grave Alt 0224 à a grave
Alt 0193 Á A acute Alt 0225 á a acute
Alt 0194 Â A circumflex Alt 0226 â a circumflex
Alt 0195 Ã A tilde Alt 0227 ã a tilde
Alt 0196 Ä A umlaut Alt 0228 ä a umlaut
Alt 0199 Ç C cedilla Alt 0231 ç c cedilla
Alt 0200 È E grave Alt 0232 è e grave
Alt 0201 É E acute Alt 0233 é e acute
Alt 0202 Ê E circumflex Alt 0234 ê e circumflex
Alt 0203 Ë E umlaut Alt 0235 ë e umlaut
Alt 0204 Ì I grave Alt 0236 ì i grave
Alt 0205 Í I acute Alt 0237 í i acute
Alt 0206 Î I circumflex Alt 0238 î i circumflex
Alt 0207 Ï I umlaut Alt 0239 ï i umlaut
Alt 165 Ñ N tilde Alt 164 ñ n tilde
Alt 0210 Ò O grave Alt 0242 ò o grave
Alt 0211 Ó O acute Alt 0243 ó o acute
Alt 0212 Ô O circumflex Alt 0244 ô o circumflex
Alt 0213 Õ O tilde Alt 0245 õ o tilde
Alt 0214 Ö O umlaut Alt 0246 ö o umlaut
Alt 0138 Š S caron Alt 0154 š s caron
Alt 0218 Ú U acute Alt 0249 ù u grave
Alt 0219 Û U circumflex Alt 0250 ú u acute
Alt 0220 Ü U umlaut Alt 0251 û u circumflex
Alt 0217 Ù U grave Alt 0252 ü u umlaut
Alt 0221 Ý Y acute Alt 0253 ý y acute
Alt 0159 Ÿ Y umlaut Alt 0255 ÿ y umlaut
Alt 0142 Ž Z caron Alt 0158 ž z caron



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The n tilde codes are wrong.

uppercase - Ñ - Alt + 0209
lowercase - ñ - Alt + 0241

Your code (Alt + 0241) works and so does the one posted in the article (Alt + 164).

The output looks the same to me:



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Y circumflex as used in Welsh is not there (and you'll not let me paste it here)

I'd forgotten the ASCII code for ã. Thank you!

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You're right, it's nice to have all the accents all together, this is like a little cheat sheet. Thank God English doesn't have any of these accents, this makes my ielts writing class a lot easier.

What about the Nordic slash?

Ø A,t 0216
ø Alt 0248

and the European sign of the cross symbol written against the name of someone who has died (actually called a dagger)

† Alt 0134

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Is there a way to produce the C caron

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Ā256 ā257 Ă258 ă259 Ą260 ą261 Ć262 ć263 Ĉ264 ĉ265 Ċ266 ċ267 Č268 č269 Ď270 ď271 Đ272 đ273 Ē274 275ē Ĕ276 ĕ277 Ė278 279ė Ę280 ę281 Ě282 ě283 Ĝ284 ĝ285 Ğ286 ğ287 Ġ288 ġ289 Ģ290 ģ291 Ĥ292 ĥ293 Ħ294 ħ295 Ĩ296 ĩ297 Ī298 ī299 Ĭ300 ĭ301 Į302 į303 İ304 ı305 IJ306 ij307 Ĵ308 ĵ309 Ķ310 ķ311 ĸ312 Ĺ313 ĺ314 Ļ315 ļ317 ľ318 Ŀ319 ŀ320 Ł321 ł322 Ń323 ń324 Ņ325 ņ326 Ň327 ň328 ʼn329 Ŋ330 ŋ331 Ō332 ō333 Ŏ334 ŏ335 Ő336 ő337 Œ338 œ339 Ŕ340 ŕ341 Ŗ342 ŗ343 Ř344 ř345 Ś346 ś347 Ŝ348 ŝ349 Ş350 ş351 Š352 š353 Ţ354 ţ355 Ť356 ť357 Ŧ358 ŧ359 Ũ360 ũ361 Ū362 ū363 Ŭ364 ŭ365 Ů366 ů367 Ű368 ű369 Ų370 ų371 Ŵ372 ŵ373 Ŷ374 ŷ375 Ÿ376 Ź377 ź378 Ż379 ż380 Ž381 ž382

Ŵ372 ŵ373 Ŷ374 ŷ375 Welsh

Ĉ264 ĉ265 Ĝ284 ĝ285 Ĥ292 ĥ293 Ĵ308 ĵ309 Ŝ348 ŝ349
Ċ266 ċ267 Ġ288 ġ289 Ħ294 ħ295 Ŧ358 ŧ359 Ż379 ż380 Malta

Ă258 ă259 Ş350 ş351 Ţ354 ţ355 Romanian

Ğ286 ğ287 İ304 ı305 Ş350 ş351 Turkish

Ő336 ő337 Ű368 ű369 Hungarian Magyar

Ą260 ą261 Ć262 ć263 Ę280 ę281 Ł321 ł322 Ń323 ń324 Ś346 ś347 Ź377 ź378 Ż379 ż380 Polish

Č268 č269 Ď270 ď271 Ě282 ě283 Ĺ313 ĺ314 Ľ317 ľ318 Ň327 ň328 Ŕ340 ŕ341 Ř344 ř345 Š352 š353 Ť356 ť357 Ů366 ů367 Ž381 ž382 Czech-Slovak

Ą260 ą261 Č268 č269 Ė278 ė279 Ę280 ę281 Į302 į303 Š352 353š Ų370 ų371 Ū362 ū363 Ž381 ž382 Lithuanian

Ā256 ā257 Č268 č269 Ē274 ē275 Ģ290 ģ291 Ķ310 ķ311 Ļ315 ļ316 Ņ325 ņ326 Ŗ342 ŗ343 Š352 š353 Ū362 ū363 Ž381 ž382 Latvian


Does anyone know the languages which use the above letters or their alt ascii codes?

Ć262 ć263 Č268 č269 Đ272 đ273 298Ī ī299 Š352 š353 Ž381 ž Croatian-Srbian-Bosnian

Ø0248 Ø0216 Å0197 Æ0198 0229å æ0230 ð0240 Þ0222 þ0254 Norway-Swedish-Danish-Faeroese-Iceland

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does anyone know alt codes for Vietnamese?

Ȁ512 ȁ513 Ȅ516 ȅ517 Ȉ520 ȉ521 Ȍ524 ȍ525 ȕ533 Ȕ532 ơ417 Ơ416 ư432 Ư431

Ǎ461 ǎ462 Ǐ463 ǐ464 Ǒ465 ǒ466 Ǔ467 ǔ468 Ǖ469 ǖ470 Ǘ471 ǘ472 Ǚ473 ǚ474 Ǜ475 ǜ476 ǝ477 Ǟ478 ǟ479 Ǡ480 ǡ481Ǣ482 ǣ4863 Ǥ484 ǥ485 Ǧ486 ǧ487 Ǩ488 ǩ489 Ǫ490 ǫ492ǭ493 Ȑ528 ȑ529 Ȓ530 ȓ531 ƶ438 Ƶ437

Ȟȟ543 Ȥȥ549 ȦȧȨȩȪȫȬȭȮȯȰȱȲȳ563

416Ơơ417 431Ư ư432 437Ƶ ƶ438

461Ǎ ǎ462 Ǐ463 ǐ464 Ǒ465 ǒ466 Ǔ467 ǔ468 Ǖ469 ǖ470 Ǘ471 ǘ472 Ǚ473 ǚ474 Ǜ475 ǜ476

Ǟ478 ǟ479 Ǡ480 ǡ481 Ǣ482 ǣ483 Ǥ484 ǥ485 Ǧ486 ǧ487 Ǩ488 ǩ489 Ǫ490 ǫ491 Ǭ492 ǭ493 Ǹ504 ǹ505

Ǻǻ507 Ǽ508 ǽ509 Ǿ510 ǿ511 Ȁ512 ȁ513 Ȃ514 ȃ515 Ȅ516 ȅ517 Ȇ518 ȇ519 Ȉ520 ȉ521 Ȋ522 ȋ523 Ȍ524 ȍ525 Ȏ526 ȏ527 Ȑ528 ȑ529 Ȓ530 ȓ531 Ȕ532 ȕ533 Ȗ534 ȗ535 Ș536 ș537 Ț538 ț539 Ȝ540ȝȞ542 ȟ543 ȠȡȢȣȤȥ

550Ȧȧ551 Ȩ552 ȩ553 Ȫ554 ȫ555 Ȭ556 ȭ557 Ȯ558 ȯ559 Ȱ560 ȱ561 Ȳ562 ȳ563

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I do hope someone will read it and help me out.
I live in NY but I was born in Brazil so I do speak Portuguese. I found out about "ALT +..." less than 3 weeks ago. I was so excited cos I could finally right properly in my primary language.
I was trying to post something on a friend's Facebook page and I lost the whole text. I had hit ALT + 0227. For some reason now, every time I enter that code the page is directed to Google home page! O_o
Can anybody help me and explain why it is happening and how I can go back to the original setting? Thanks a lot!!!

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