Free Download - Complete list of Alt Codes

Download the complete list of Alt Codes - Version 3 published 9th December 2006.
You will need Adobe's Acrobat reader to open this file.
File includes all the Alt Codes on this site by category on a single sheet.



Looking for Interrobang Alt key

I just want to download them.

Very useful and helpful site. Thanks ever so much.

I want to know all the alt codes for japanese and chinese letters

Have enjoyed using them for the speed, clarity, and accuracy that they provide.

Folks just think I'm brainy. Hey, I don't care.

this is a great way to type and the newsletter waz great.


nice site

put alt 21821 and alt 21721 asian letters

I want to load these x)

I really needed this. Thanks

I Need The Alt Codes For My MSN


This will help a lot!


this is a wonderful site, thank you for helping these hardly known symbols get out there :]

Thank you

pretty cool

please email me the alt codes, ive spent too long punching in random combinations!


Thank you very much

very helpful tool, good job

i love to make alt symobles they are fun

this helped alot

thank you

hope it will work in laptop

i like to use emotes and they are fun

cool ☺

I want Alt codes Greek for the whole alphabet upper and lower case for windows vista.

i want alt codes for windows vista for modern greek for the whole alphabet upper and lower case

Music codes?


looking forward to using these in my homemade charts! Thank you.

i would like to download alt codes !

I have found the Alt Codes reference sheet very useful.

i luv these codes


looking for a good list of characters

thank you

i like it

very useful ! thanks


Thank you, really looking forward to this page.

i can't use these,i don't know what's wrong when i hold down the alt button nothing happens and i do have the number lock on and i have tried everything. so please help me.

i can't make these work when i click on the alt button nothing happens and i do have the numbers lock help me please..

Thank You.

This is great

I's a very, very good use the "Useful Shortcuts!

its very useful for all computer users
Thanks a lot...........


Great that you have done this excellent work. Thank you.

My keyboard is broken, a few keys do not work and i need a workaround.

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