Free Download - Complete list of Alt Codes

Download the complete list of Alt Codes - Version 3 published 9th December 2006.
You will need Adobe's Acrobat reader to open this file.
File includes all the Alt Codes on this site by category on a single sheet.



Very Cool thanks


Thanks for a great find.

Indispensable resource!

This site is awesome. I applaud you guys and owe you my gratitude.

I love thes things!! thank you so much!!

Hope to see full list of codes

Like alt codes!

Very useful list.


Nice site

I need this for engineering and my calc classes. ITs great you have a massive list. =]


Nice Site!!!

This is awesome!

Looking for fraction codes

I would like the complete list of Alt codes

thanks so much! :)


very useful ! thanks sir.

You must use the number keypad for the alt codes to work.

☻ thanks ☻

Thank you.

hola, me resulto muy pero muy util esta pagina pero no encuentro un simbolo que yo uso
es un rayo
es muy similar a este 
si pueden encontrarlo les agradesco
saludos y gracias!

These alt keys are amazing! Now I can use them to type special characters of my home language on facebook and gmail. Thanks so much!

Either use alt+the numbers to the far right on yr keyboard (not the ones in a row at the top)


If yr on a lap top you need to press alt+fn+the numbers written in the same colour as the fn key that can be found on next to some of the letters on your keyboard.

Good luck!

Thanks for sharing this nice article.I enjoyed your site too.

Man, this is great, i consider(ed) myself rather proficient on a computer, and i have always struggled with foreign currency symbols.

i am looking on your site for a donate button, because this is certainly worthy of a donation.


Thanks. What a great list!

The code for alpha, 224, produces a capital O with an accent. The same mistake is in other code lists as well.

Where can I find the Alt-codes for the Polish letters ?

Thank you !



dear sir

i need to know what is the accurate
alt keys for greek Alphabets

i will be very thanks ful for this kindness


Thank you for the time you spent collecting this data. Will save me invaluable time in the future!


is code 456

Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.

Thanks for the entire alt code pdf

Thanks i was looking for it as printable version, now i do not need to go to websites when i need it , thanks again

not a complete list. There are many more

Excellent 'cheat-sheet'. Thanks.

great site

Thanks so much for posting this list online.

Excellent ! Thanks!

There are MANY not listed here.

hey thanks for the information mate.. its really worth reading your website

very informative and great site. also check my site.

great article

thank you for all the chordal. it really helps me get through the day!!!

Brilliant, just what i wanted, thank you

I wonder if they have codes for symbols using only the keyboard.

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